Introducing the BeeBox entertainment and promotional system

BeeBox is an entertainment and promotional system that is driving sales and boosting revenue in bars and leisure venues across the UK. Connecting to your venue’s TVs and sound equipment, the BeeBox provides music, digital signage, games, quizzes and more – all from one reliable and easy-to-use system.

All features of the BeeBox are modular, allowing the system to be tailored to your requirements, and allowing you to upgrade and add facilities at any time.

Digital signage
Increase profits with dynamic content that catches the eye and demands attention from the viewer! Stay ahead of the competition with 100s of ready made templates for food & beverage brands, sporting events, entertainment and social media.

Create perfect promotions by customising artwork, sales messages and price points with a simple point-and-click editor.

Upload your own artwork from any device with the managemybeebox service.

When your music is carefully considered, it creates the right atmosphere which extends customer dwell times and encourages repeat business.

Vary the music across the day with 100s of expertly designed music programmes, covering an extensive range of eras, genres and tempos. Let the system work its magic – or take full control to create and manage your own playlists.

Let your customers provide the entertainment by running your own Karaoke night. Newbies will love exploring the 15,000 song catalog, and connoisseurs appreciate that you are using professional backing tracks from Sunfly & Zoom – the UK’s leading suppliers.

Why not turn your regular customers into pop stars by hosting a weekly karaoke competition.

Push Button Games
Push Button Games are a fun and exciting way to reward your customers with drinks discounts and other offers. A number of offers appear on-screen: After making their purchase, customers press a hand-held button to ‘randomly’ select an offer.

Half Price Drinks, 10% Discount? The choice and profitability of each offer is under your control. Run the game all night as featured entertainment, or operate a “Happy Hour” to attract and reward custom at off-peak times.

Offer compelling entertainment to create a social atmosphere and encourage return customer footfall.

Run a game of Bingo, complete with automatic calling and a choice of voices and local dialects.

Organise a Horse Racing Night with real, historic race footage to raise money for local charities.

Create your own Quiz Nights, tailoring the questions to your clientele – and add to the fun with Key To The Box, Raffles, Tote Draws and other prize-winning games.

Why Beebox?

  • Automatic, nightly content updates
  • 5+ years proven product in the marketplace
  • Remote access for instant support and assistance
  • Trusted by over 500 independent publicans across the UK

To arrange a personal demonstration of the BeeBox entertainment and promotional system please ask your Business Development Manager or alternatively call 0345 061 5050.