Guide to Profitable Gaming

Daily Essentials

Check it is switched on! – Make sure your machine is plugged in and working throughout your opening hours.
Keep it clean – A clean machine says a lot about your pub – give it a daily shine.
Check for sound – Make sure the sound is switched on – it gives a better player experience.
Refill your machine – Check you machine for refilling. Players will not play your machine if they think the hopper is low. If the machine falls below £100 then the note acceptor will switch off.
Report faults immediately – If you discover a fault, report it straight away – every hour counts – book a service call on 0345 61 5050.


In eye sight – Ensure machines are sighted within view of the bar to keep an eye on unusual activity.
Be observant – Thieves will usually crowd round a machine in twos or threes, drink non-alcoholic beverages and may be acting in an suspicious manner.
What to do – Politely ask them to complete their game then switch off the machine until they leave.
Impersonation – Watch out for bogus personnel. All Ivor Thomas engineers and collectors carry ID cards. If unsure call 0345 061 5050 to verify their identity.


A clutter free playing area – Machines are often played in groups – ensure there is ample space around the machine to play.
High footfall – Machines are best located in high footfall areas, but not at the expense of blocking walkways, doors or fire exits.
Make use of pillars – Locating machines against pillars make better use of space – avoid corners of rooms.
Steer clear – Avoid areas where other activities are taking place such as dining or pool tables.
Prime locations – These should not be used for low sales machines or quiz machines.

Player Experience

Know your product – Getting to know your machine will help you engage with your players.
Communicate – Let your regular players know when a new machine is installed.
Comfort – Put a table beside or between machines to rest drinks and snacks.
Double up – Siting machines in pairs will engage players and they will therefore play longer.

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