BBC Radio Kent on the introduction of the new £1 coin

Jo Burn from BBC Radio Kent with Phil Godden, Asset Manager (left) and Paul Thomas MD (right)

Jo Burn, award-winning reporter from Radio Kent, visited us on 14th March to see how the introduction of the new £1 coin on 28th March will affect Ivor Thomas.

I heard about the visit before I went skiing and was well prepared. What I hadn’t accounted for was a skiing accident the week before, which resulted in two dislocated shoulders (one fractured) and cracked ribs; the smart suit I had planned for the day was well and truly out of the window.

Jo is a true professional and went to great lengths to capture some sound effects and to hear the impact on the Royal Mint’s decision to drip feed the introduction of the £5 note, the latest £1 coin, plus the £10 and £20 notes in the near future. The story hit the Kent papers. The report was broadcast on 28th March, the day the new coin came into circulation.

Fame at last, many have remarked I have a face for radio and now a body to match!