PPL and PRS joint venture simplifies permissions with one transaction

It has been a long time coming but finally PPL and PRS are entering into a joint venture to collect public performance licencing fees from all UK businesses and organisations requiring such a licence.

Currently all PPL fees are paid by BACTA members like ourselves and recouped from venues in instalments. All venues are required to take out a separate licence with PRS and in some cases obtain an additional licence from PPL if they have other (non-background) usage of recorded music, such as discos or music on hold.

The new joint venture will cover all the permissions needed in one transaction, which will be paid directly by the venue. This does not affect the collection of jukebox public performance licencing fees. Ivor Thomas will continue to administrate this on behalf of our customers.

From 5th February Ivor Thomas Amusements will no longer be issuing new licences on background music systems, including renewals, and these will need to be obtained directly from PPL PRS Ltd. This is an important change and will reduce administration costs for all concerned.

For more information please see the letter we received from PPL. Click here