The new Digital Rocket jukebox

Powered by the most comprehensive music database available

The Rocket Digital offers the best of both worlds for your venue with nostalgic retro looks and all the music your customers could ever want.  Each machine is manufactured to exacting standards to ensure both the sound and aesthetics are the best available anywhere in the world.

85% of all music selected on UK jukeboxes is chart orientated
Benefiting from exclusive use of the Official UK Singles Chart’ and the Official UK Album Chart, the Milestones in Music interface allows users to search through tens of thousands of tracks from all     genres and decades, from the 50s to the present day.

It is a FACT that free standing jukeboxes take more money due to their increased presence and, contrary to belief, don’t take up much more space than a wall mounted jukebox. In today’s modern venues where screens are in abundance, it’s a surefire way to ensure your jukebox stands out from the crowd.
The latest range of Sound Leisure Digital Classic Jukeboxes not only look stunning, they also come crammed full of features and functions for both the venue and customer. Maybe it’s time to get the best of both worlds and enjoy a larger share of the cash box!

There’s a new way to play music
Soundjack is a brand new app that lets you pick and play the music you love in a venue using your smartphone. Everybody should to be able to control the music that matters to them in the places where they drink, shop and eat. Whether it’s the Pixies down the pub, Sade at the shops or Britney in a burger bar, there’s only one person in control – you. The Digital Rocket Jukebox is compatible with soundjack.
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